“Eat the Meat, Trash the Bones”

This is what a dear spiritual mentor used to always say.  When a whole chicken is served to you, “eat the meat, and trash the bones”…yes sir.  Many times we encounter people, situations, mind-sets, and more of whom we may benefit or draw wisdom.  Yet, in the midst of that good, there are “other things” that overshadow the blessing.  It is in those that we must not frown on what is being served through them.  We must remember to retain the blessing and shed the negative remarks, ungodly attitudes, limiting mind-sets, and all other things that will hold back one’s growth.  Retaining the blessing is sometimes accepting a situation that brings much suffering.  HUH?  Yes, many times, it is in our suffering that we find our blessing.  I am reminded of a trip I took to San Francisco where my friend and I got to choose an oyster shell from one of the market stands and had the salesman open it to find a pearl that would go on top of each of our rings.  I chose the “prettiest” less rugged looking oyster, and my friend (a native from the southern coast of Mexico’s Pacific) chose one totally opposite from mine.  Now, my pearl was a bit bigger in size than hers, but her pearl was of much higher quality than my.  Those rugged ugly moments or encounters in life sometimes bring out the best in us if we allow them to be teaching moments and moments of growth.  At the end of the trial, we are of higher quality if we chose the correct reaction to the situation.  That is the meat of our situations.  The bones are the other trifle things such as a person giving us attitude, negative remarks, difficulty, etc.

…oh yeah, also the bones are all those who are “Power Holders” in our lives.  This is a new term I learned this past Tuesday from Bishop Gregory Holley.  He spoke to our church’s leadership on the difference between a Leader and a Power Holder.  A Power Holder is one who holds power…not in a good way but in a negative way.  Power Holders try to hold people back; impose fear through their opinions and their silence; and they use their power to control situations and people in an ungodly manner.  They set limitations and restraints on others especially if there are differences of opinion.  A Power Holder is both part of the “meat” and the “bones”.  Just because a person or an organization is displaying characteristics of Power Holders that does not mean one cannot benefit or draw wisdom from the situation.  It does mean that one needs to be extra careful by not accepting negative thoughts, harboring unforgiveness, or become judgmental to the point where one no longer benefits.  The meat part is meant to sustain and nourish your body.  Your body is not capable of digesting bones without causing some sort of internal damage. And, may I remind you how painful it will be to discard them!  (hmm…I don’t speak of a literal experience, but I have experienced those moments in life when I’ve chosen to swallow the bones of something that grieved my heart, and later had a horrible time disposing them from my heart; it can be painful.)

So, it is easy to point the finger at Power Holders, but if we are honest, we all have displayed such distasteful characteristics at one point or the other.  No matter what life brings to our table, let’s eat the meat, and trash the bones!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kerry
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 07:53:25

    What an excellent article. Have you seen this video: http://meat.org


  2. kingsview
    Jun 03, 2009 @ 11:19:49

    Thanks! I had not seen the video….aye! It was very sad to see so much cruelty towards animals 😦


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