I’m On A Break

I’m on a six week break from blogging. I still write frequently but it is done in my little brown leather-bound journal. The reason is because I am taking 2 intense courses that require much concentration; they are time consuming. One class is only two days a week, but each day the class is SIX HOURS long. The other class is the other 3 days of the week, 3 hours long each day. These courses are meant to be done during regular semester schedule (18 weeks long) or a regular summer session. But due to the budget cuts and the long line of students waiting on classes to graduate, these classes were offered in what we call Intersession (less days, more hours, very intense work). And so, my blogging days have been temporarily reduced to daily quick reads, twitter postings here and there, and this very quick post before I take off to school!
During this time though, there have been several events in my life, much growth, and lots of new eye-opening experiences that has brought tons of revelation. I’ve rekindled my passion for what truly matters for God. I’ve had dreams, words, and battles come to me, and this is exciting for the slumber hearts goes nowhere. I am awake!


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