I Have To Confess

I wrote a quick post on my Spanish blog about little confessions.  This morning as I looked at the pile of back-up school work that I postponed during the Thanksgiving break, I had to not just confess this to myself (little known secret), but to the rest of you so that I be accountable to others besides my “understanding” heart.  I am a PROCRASTINATOR! Omg…there, it’s out in the open!

With being said, I must remind myself that there is always a motive behind our actions.  My motive?  That my dear friend is mystery I have been avoiding to discover.  I know it deep inside my heart.  I know why I sometimes procrastinate.  Yet, other times, it seems that I am lost within my world.  Now that you all know this about me (not because you speculated it, not because so and so told you so, not even because I lead you in through my performance, but because I CONFESSED it to you).

You see, it does not matter that others see things in you that need some TLC, it only matters that you yourself recognize you need to take care of those things.  Self-awareness is a powerful thing to have.  You can’t change what you want to stay the same.  You can’t hear when you cover your ears.  You can’t see when you decide to keep your eyes shut.  And you can’t move forward if you keep yourself down.

Do you have anything to confess?


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