Resolution #1: God Is No Longer Part of My Life

That’s right!  He is no longer part of my life.  I was reading and reflecting of Luke 23 as Jesus exhaled His very last human breath as He hang from the cross.  Then I read Nehemiah who left his comfort zone to dedicate his life to rebuild the city of Jerusalem.  I was anxious to read more, but I got caught up with all my daily drama that I set things aside.  I read a bit more here and there.  I prayed as I drove to school, as I made lunch, and as I drop half-dead asleep and tired on my bed from a 16 hour shift day.  The two days later, as I sat in my office reading a book, I realized that in 2009 I had made God only part of my life in several areas.

A part is something that can be isolated and put aside or picked up.  Only that God is not that at all.  He is not a that, a thing, or a fling.  He is the Creator of the Universe, the One and Only, the Lover of My Soul…etc.  But with all honesty, there were areas where I made God be part instead of my very life.  I don’t want Him to be part of my life; I want Him to be my life!


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