Resolution #2: Grow A Pair of Feet

Yes sir!  What we never accomplish or resolve in our lifespan is mainly because we never put action to our words or plans.  We hear great things, dream grandeur dreams, set respectable goals, and say incredible feats.  All that is nice with lots of spice, but where is the lasting evidence?  I need to nurture my goals with positive thoughts and real actions.  My goal to start a new business in 2010 needs to grow a pair of feet to move forward.

Want to be physically healthy?  Grow a pair of feet (move, walk, eat appropriately, get more rest, say NO to some things, love yourself).

Want to be financially bless?  Grow a pair of feet (read, seek advice, pray, stop overspending).

Want to have a better marriage?  Grow a pair of feet ( READ, love, ask, listen, serve, invest).

Want to reach ALL your New Year’s Resolutions?  Grow a pair of feet (It’s action on your behalf).

Just start doing whatever you need to do to move towards that goal!!


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