Lots of conversation, high level of energy, a sense of community, the air was filled with expectation and some anxiety as we embarked the possible future of students in a highly technological environment.

We are the “Pilot Class”…sounds exciting! This also means we get to confront all the glitches in the making.  We are paving the road in education where the student-teacher relationship must meet at a more complex level.  The platform is cyber-land (Illuminate, Skype, Bb, etc).  The operators are individuals that are no longer disconnected by distance, and the content is infinite possibilities.

Each table represented a team, a planet if I may say.  I small body of individuals that are about to birth a new culture/society who must decide by which bylaws they will interact in this Winter term journey.  Our spaceships are the laptops that were before us allowing us to navigate from Turlock to Minnesota.  The meteors that posed a threat were several:  “no connection errors”, lack of browser/program navigation skills, non-working webcams, squealing pc mics, limited video transmissions (6 at a time).

To Future Colonies:  have an introductory session to focus on how to navigate in Illuminate, using forums, and Bb to save time; log in with Name-team to help recognize what team is talking instead of individual names, make a general class contact list WITH pictures…it’s nice to put a face to a name.  Can a team have a session on their own on Illuminate to communicate?

OVERALL: Out of this world experience!


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  1. wiviliSop
    May 16, 2010 @ 17:37:47

    Very nice vidps3atxvipx


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