Team Colorado

The faces did not match the names nor my imagination but what a great team!
A couple of us have our personal apprehensions to online class because there might be a feeling of disconnection or a lack of interaction.  Soon, with our postings and our new memberships to Skype (with the help of Nancy Jean), we realized that together we form a body of optimal resources and that even in the driest areas of life one can find allies that can be potential interconnecting networks to satisfy our thirst to learn.

Team Question:  We had to create a post on the Harry Potter/Captain Underpants Pedagogy, and it challenged my own belief system that was handed down by my parents who thought that literature that had evil was not good for us to read.  This week, I bought my niece and nephew the entire collection of Harry Potter a dozen other books from Goodwill.  If it gets them reading, does it matter that it is not meaningful to me?

The real question is, “Is it engaging for them and is the purpose being met, become an avid learner?”

The biggest question:  How Do We Communicate in this BUSY, BUSY world? We literally live in a 30 minute plus radius from each other…Where do we meet? Shall we use Skype, Bb forums, email, Illuminate, or other social networks?

Let’s use them all and see which are less productive!


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