Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn

WOW…I discovered these past days that I have so much potential within myself to embrace new ideas without fearing what can happen or what others think.  I was raised in very traditional religious environment where certain literature was frowned upon because it was thought to go against our belief system, and that would endanger all that was taught to me.  To a certain extent , they were right.  I read this week that literacy is a threat to what we know because words are alive in that they carry the message, the essence of the author (who they are, what they believe) …As I read (much was even before we had our first meeting on Jan. 7th…I read from my ipod on my way to work, as I stood in line at the supermarket, and on my break….hey I don’t have 20/20 vision on a apparatus this small).  Without realizing, I naturally though on the reflective cycle format.  The readings on the Dayna’s illustration of 3 Models of Pedagogy and Dr. Winks details not only evoked me to reflect on my past experiences as a child in elementary, or my own pedagogical methods when I teach, but I took it further to the extent of my own communities such as church, family, and relationships.  Endless times I was taught at church to believe because that is what it was (transmission).  In parenting, we teach our kids to not do certain things because it is not good for them… “Because we did it wrong you don’t have to do it wrong.” (Generative).  If I proclaim to the world that I enjoy doing something and my mentors applaud it at the expense of ignorance…Can I really say that what I do is an informed decision?


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