The Price of Educating Oneself

“It is important to note that learning does not cost anything.”  (Do you believe that statement?)  Socrates was a vivid example of that.  He was poor but sought the knowledge that he already possessed.  Plato understood that wealth may be also interpreted as knowledge and the freedom to develop intellectually.  Aristotle embraced the ability to interact with the world around us to construct our own learning.  I see how the Official Theory of learning and perennialism is not only part of our public education systems, but they are also part of our religious systems.  I was brought up in a very traditional religious home where my belief system was pushed down on me through specific readings.  My choice was to accept these “valuable” truths or be a type of “outcast”.  I was too young to understand.  I accepted it all without asking any more questions.  There was a point where I began to question certain concepts and immediately the people in authority felt a threat or a challenge to their authority.  However, we as educators cannot be on this same boat.  Students should have the right and the platform for individual development.  What have you accepted as truth without questioning?

In my classroom, I want to incorporate other means of learning than the official way.  Socratic Dialogues allows for other means of teaching/learning without threatening our State’s treasure, Money.  It can be done in centers, during breaks, in between classes, and at no cost or should I say at a low cost.  We at least need teachers who are willing to help her/his students find the knowledge that they already possess.


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