Enseignez-vous translates to “teach each other”.   Global Learning Network (GLN) of De Orilla a Orilla shares how communities have taken the “pen pal” idea and incorporated into their schools as students, families, and community members become active agents in learning.  This educational networking model was developed by Celestin and Elise Freinet in 1924 (French educators).  The focus of De Orilla a Orilla, which means “from shore to shore” (meaning their projects are global), is to design a collaborate class-to-class partnership to do grade level critical inquiry and share their findings with each other.

Freinet believed that education is the main driving force in changing humanity.  He was a passionate supporter of the concept of  “free experimental schools” that implement the idea of being able to get out of the classroom to connect with the real world to gain knowledge, perspective, and experiences (Transformative Model). Freinet built a school for underpriviledged children.  He died in 1966, and his wife Elise, kept his dream alive.

One of my EDMS 4100 colleagues suggested a simple project for students to teach each other.  She suggested a cook book.  This can be done with classes ont he other side of the globe to enrich each culture.  The students would work with their family members and community to gather traditional recipes and how to obtain each ingredient.  Then they come to their classroom to combine their findings.  The participating students of the second classroom do the same.  There after, these findings are shared with each other via email or online website educational rooms such WIKI.  The final part of the project is coming up with an idea to publish both school’s findings and establishing a way for students, families, and communities to celebrate this collaborate work.

Enseignez-vous…What ideas can you share for a GLN project?


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