The Beach, A Camera, & No Pictures

Over three years without a vacation.  How did that happen?  Hmm…I love what happened today though.  I saw my husband in need of a friend, and I needed more time to finish school work, office work, and ministry work.   We are going through the Love Dare at our church right now and last week’s dare called for a candlelight dinner and all, but we had to skip ours.  It bugged me that so many times I overwhelmed myself with secondary things and put my priority in my relationship on the side.  Not today.  I did not second guess my gut feeling and quickly made arrangements to put EVERYTHING and EVERYONE aside to spend the late afternoon with my husband.  I told him to get ready because I was taking him out of the storm into Monterrey Bay.  He asked about what I had to do (my class, etc); I said, “It’s you babe!” We drove out of town around 1 pm.  It was pouring but that’s okay because all he needed was me.  We drove quietly as we listened to a CD I recorded for him earlier that morning.  I held his right hand all the way pass Casa De Fruta and into Hollister.  I stared at him from the corner of my left eye, and thought, “No one but God knows this man.  I love that he has integrity.  Others murmur and he keeps quiet.  Others do him wrong and he still holds on.  Behind close doors he justifies while I analyze.  He feels betrayed and I feel happy that we are in it together. I Love Him So.”

We did not take a picture of each other to remember this day, but it doesn’t matter because our hearts made a memory that will not be erased.

I could have told him with words.  I could have written a card.   I could given him a gift.  I could have said how much he means to me and how his integrity inspires me.  But as Vygotsky said, “Action according to rules begins to be determined by ideas, not by objects.”  So it is the thought that counts, but in this case…my thoughts are only mine, kept inside of me.  Internalization of language will lead to action.  My love for him led me to demonstrate it in a tangible way and most importantly in a language HE understood.


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