One of Those People

We were asked to filled the following statement for the end of our EDMS 4100 course:

First, completing my Spiral of Literacy was my best moment in class because it unfolded one of my lifelong desires, to ignite my heart in finding the joy of reading. I helped make it my best moment by not giving up even when I felt I was just not meant to be “one of those people” who read for pleasure.  It was my exposure to others’ spirals of literacy that allowed me to understand that some are born into the beautiful world of word and others create their world at different ages.  I’ve started one for me and for my niece and nephews.

Second, the first few days after our first class meeting was my worst moment in class because I felt I had made a mistake by taking three courses in a winter session and because I felt a surge of information overload. I could have made it better by structuring my schedule to allow moments of rest.  I could have done several things, but that feeling made me reflect and evolve my old way of facing such feeling.  Before, I would have stressed till the end.  This time around, at the end of the course, I learned to own my learning at my own pace.

I am still not “one of those people” who is an avid reader.  I am one of the many people who discovered the power of education in their late years and have taken action to pursue it for the rest of their life.

What about you?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tlc4women
    Feb 03, 2010 @ 07:37:30

    This was an eye opener! I never knew realized I was a person born into the ‘world of word’. I have to thank my parents for their love of reading and for giving it to me.

    I read all the time always. It is sheer pleasure to me and I ask those around me in leadership, “What are you reading? What are you studying?”, simply because it seems fundamental.


  2. kingsview
    Feb 03, 2010 @ 15:52:43

    That’s great! Can you imagine what it is like for those who are not brought up into such a world? How much harder is life for them and how many more obstacles do they have to battle to get to where you started? Mindsets are different and so are the roads we take in life. That is why we need to stress this to parents, especially those who have not yet broken the lack of literacy in their family.


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