Senior Seminar Topic

Those of you who have kept up with my blog know that 2010 came with new surprises as I streamlined the categories of my posts due to a very special lady whose passion for education served as a catalyst to begin to discover my own “Spiral of Literacy”.  Her name is Dr. Joan Wink.  Though we have not met face-to-face in person only through Elluminate (Video Conference Type) and cyberspace communication tools, her lectures have stirred up a storm in me.  I have always known that I want to teach language arts especially to ELLs.  Avid reading was a longing tucked within my heart without evidence.  I questioned myself many times why I could just not finish reading a book or devouring literature as many of my colleagues.  Then I met Joan, and her testimony regarding literacy development hit home.  I began to trace my own literacy development.  New questions merged up:  Is there a critical age for literacy development?  What academic/cultural/environmental factors influence a child’s literacy development?  What are the most effective remedial techniques for early age truncated lit development?  What role does bilingual education play in Literacy Development?…and so much more!

We will be writing our own textbook for my TESOL concentration’s Senior Seminar.  Our class is an elite group of individuals drilled in TESOL methodology, language instruction for English learners, and theoretical constructs in the field of second language acquisition.  All of us are either graduating LIBS/TESOL Seniors or Grad students in the TESOL M.A. program.  Each one of the 20 students will write a chapter with their own chosen topic.  We will work on it for the entire semester.  I did not  think twice on my topic.  It is one that will give me ample opportunity to research past investigations, present projects, and future dilemmas in conjuncture with my personal experiences and pedagogical philosophies.  My research topic is “Literacy Development” focusing on early literacy such as K-3.  Ta-Dah!

Thanks Joan!  You know you are at the top of my list for experts to interview 🙂


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