Augēre in 2010

Sometimes, all we need is some fresh air, an open mind, and some warmth in our lives to make way for a new perspective.  Sometimes, our world seems upside-down; but it’s not.  Just tilt your head a little.  Choose to see things in a different light, and you will see the beauty of what’s laying before you.

After a long break from “blogging” here and taking a more primitive style of expressing my thoughts (pencil and notebook), I’m ready to share with you this season of my life.  But first ….

August 1997- First Fall Semester at CSU Fresno

December 1997- Dropped Fall Semester due to an unexpected Gynecologic hemorrhage while studying on the 3rd floor of the university’s library.

June 1998- Two Summer Classes at Merced Community College

August 2005- May 2007- Full-time Classes at Merced Community College

August 2007- First Semester at CSU Stanislaus

June 2010- Graduation!!! (B.A. in Liberal Studies with a concentration on TESOL) and most of my Credential Program Courses finished.

Now here we are in August again, except it is the year 2010.  I start school in 22 days.  I am now almost 33 years old, and 15 years after graduating from high school, I am still not letting go of that dream to be an educated women with a voice.  A voice that not only this world can hear, a voice that she follows herself.

Did you know, according to, the month of August was named by the Romans.  The Senate granted Caius Julius Caesar Octavian the honorary title Augustus in 27 BC.  Its connotation was ‘imperial majesty’, and this word was used as an adjective to describe magnificence.  It is said that the word “august” may have derived from the verb augēre (increase).

May you Increase and Prosper in every area of your life!

(3 John 1:2)


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