The Young Need the Old & Vice Versa

My professors taught me that should not take credit for someone else’s ideas, thoughts, or words.  Most English professors encouraged me to avoid using long quotes in my writing because it questioned my credibility as an original writer.  The exception, so they claimed, is when I find a quote where it serves a greater purpose by not paraphrasing.  The following is something I read on Cottonwood Church’s website for their weekly Sunday’s night service called FUSE.

In the world/Church today, there exists a wall of age separation.  Young and Old don’t co-exist, they don’t intermingle, and they attend separate services.  We are fusing the generations, bridging gaps because no generation can exist by itself or on its own.  The Young need the Old– their wisdom and experience and the Old need the Young– their excitement, passion, and raw energy.  We are not separate, but one generation welded together in heart and character.  Basically, we are in this to change the world.  -FUSE
I saw that happen tonight at OCC’s TLC class.  A group of ladies ages 16-50+ gathered under one roof to be nurtured by the Word of God through Lisa Bevere AND to nurture the younger generation.  I wish I would have taken a picture as I saw a “grandmother” embrace and impart her wisdom into a “daughter”.  It’s so easy to live an isolated life in our American culture.  As a whole we value independence, but when is it too much?

Why does our culture live as if we can succeed without “mothers” and “grandmothers” and still be holistic “daughters”?

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