Confession #3 of 2014


Something is UP! 2013 for me was a year of sowing and working under the brutal sun rays of trials I thought to be unbearable. Still, the hope of all this having a greater purpose peeked into the lowest of my meadows.  All year I lived with a feeling of “something is up”…”I can’t quite put my finger on it”.  But, sure enough it hit me like a tidal wave crashing my most sacred walls of protection.  Those who knew me well knew I was not well at all.  Getting up was like pushing through layered bars of unmerciful steel.  Again, my spirit whispered, “something is up”.  While it all seemed like a never-ending story of a roller coaster of emotions, I later realized something was up. And, while I spent almost half a year looking down and around, I entered 2014 accepting something is up all along.  I’d like to confess today, SOME THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE UP…I must remember to not let them carry me away into an aimless unknown or taint the beautiful portrait God is painting of my life with unresolved fly-a-ways.  No. When something is up I need to check my spirit.  I need to look up first.


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