Confession #3 of 2014


Something is UP! 2013 for me was a year of sowing and working under the brutal sun rays of trials I thought to be unbearable. Still, the hope of all this having a greater purpose peeked into the lowest of my meadows.  All year I lived with a feeling of “something is up”…”I can’t quite put my finger on it”.  But, sure enough it hit me like a tidal wave crashing my most sacred walls of protection.  Those who knew me well knew I was not well at all.  Getting up was like pushing through layered bars of unmerciful steel.  Again, my spirit whispered, “something is up”.  While it all seemed like a never-ending story of a roller coaster of emotions, I later realized something was up. And, while I spent almost half a year looking down and around, I entered 2014 accepting something is up all along.  I’d like to confess today, SOME THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE UP…I must remember to not let them carry me away into an aimless unknown or taint the beautiful portrait God is painting of my life with unresolved fly-a-ways.  No. When something is up I need to check my spirit.  I need to look up first.


Confession #1 of 2014

Fear has kept me from blogging. 

What? Yes. Fear of being ungrammatical. Fear of writing too much. Fear of writing too little. Fear of not having any readers. Fear of having the “certain readers”. Fear of MY OWN VOICE might be the root of all this.

You see, I’ve lacked to accept the fact that my voice carries all those elements.  It is many times not grammatically correct.  It sometimes does say too much while other times it does not say enough or anything at all.  Sometimes, I stand alone when I lift my voice.  Other times, I say things “certain people” misinterpret or add to my message. But, all in all, it is MY OWN VOICE. Unique. Beautiful. Eclectic. God-given, God-created, God-leading.  


I’m On A Break

I’m on a six week break from blogging. I still write frequently but it is done in my little brown leather-bound journal. The reason is because I am taking 2 intense courses that require much concentration; they are time consuming. One class is only two days a week, but each day the class is SIX HOURS long. The other class is the other 3 days of the week, 3 hours long each day. These courses are meant to be done during regular semester schedule (18 weeks long) or a regular summer session. But due to the budget cuts and the long line of students waiting on classes to graduate, these classes were offered in what we call Intersession (less days, more hours, very intense work). And so, my blogging days have been temporarily reduced to daily quick reads, twitter postings here and there, and this very quick post before I take off to school!
During this time though, there have been several events in my life, much growth, and lots of new eye-opening experiences that has brought tons of revelation. I’ve rekindled my passion for what truly matters for God. I’ve had dreams, words, and battles come to me, and this is exciting for the slumber hearts goes nowhere. I am awake!

Week 22: Shout of El Shaddai

Yesterday, we had a great time at church. Pastor Dr. Gayla and Bishop Greg Holley are with us for a couple of days. It was so awesome how our song set confirmed the preaching. Bishop spoke about victory coming from the Lord through faithful obedience, and how to walk in and out the door of blessing. Here’s what our set went:
-Shout of El Shaddai with We Have Overcome
-Dios Sea Exaltado (God be Exalted)
-There is None Like You
-Shout to the Lord
-Danzing Generation (offering)
-Revelation Song (altar call)

Say It To My Face

I sometimes wonder what hurts more:  The fact that a person does not tell you their intentions to your face or the thought that they can tell you to your face what you truly do not want to hear.  Sounds like jumbo mumble, right?  (Sigh)  My eyes have cried enough today.  All I can do is lift my eyes to the heavens, stretch my arms unto my Father, and rest upon the though that HIS love is unfailing.


Here in my heart lies this painful dilemma.  Why have you not called?  Why have you not come?

Why have you not said it to my face?  Who shall I believe: my fears, their words, her words, or my promises?

This dilemma wants to consume me.  Is it better that you did not tell?  Is is worst to hear you say it?

I wait for you, you know.  I cannot let you go.  Patience is not my greatest virtue, I rely more on hope.

Yesterday, I prayed for you.  Today, I did the same.  Tomorrow, I will wake you with the prayers in my head.

It seems surreal.  It seems unfair.  It seems like these days have hung with forever neglecting the pain.

But, my heart knows you know who He is, and of this sorrow moments we will have great gain.

So, beloved, though I cannot say it to your face, I whisper in my heart to the One who knows you best,

‘Together we have climbed so many mountains, valleys, and shallow crests.  You are always in my prayers,

and we will triumph in this test!  I love you, and pray for the best.'”

Week 20: Long Live the King!

This Sunday, our focus is on lifting our King on high through our praise and with all of our heart .  We are introducing a new song from Hillsong, From the Inside Out.  The lyrics are beautiful and prophetic.  My heart is deeply touched by one of their lines.  The art of losing myself in bringing God praise and allowing HIS will in my life gives life to my purpose here.

Your will above all else, my purpose remains.  The art of losing myself in bringing you praise.  Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades.  Neverending, Your glory goes beyond all fame.

Here’s what our set looks like:

heart music drop

  • Trading My Sorrows
  • King of Majesty
  • Glory to the King
  • From the Inside Out
  • Every Move I Make (Offering)

My heart cries out:  Long Live the King!

Week 19: Victory

nissi-banner1“And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it Jehovah-Nissi.” Exodus 17:15

When Israel defeated the Amalekites, Moses worshiped the LORD for given them victory. Other versions read as “the LORD is my Banner’, suggestion that the people should rally round God as an army gathers round its standard (banner). God leads us to victory. Today’s Praise & Worship song set:

  • Enemy’s Camp Medley
  • Shout Unto God
  • Dios Sea Exaltado (God Be Exalted)
  • He Reigns
  • Forever More
  • From the Inside Out

Be Blessed at Church Today!

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