Cyberspace Folder

The purpose of this “cyberspace folder” is to create a page to reflect and respond to the readings in my EDMS 4100 class and to reflect on my learning.  This project encompasses things that I learn or connect with my readings in this 5 week intense course. I will weekly or daily posts on my home page with Cyberspace Project as a category.  This page will be updated weekly as I may post of previous weeks or future reflections.  Please note that all credit for charts, images, or key concepts are taken from the work(s) of Dr. Joan Wink and MS 2007  unless otherwise stated.

Weeks ONE & TWO:  Jan. 7, Jan. 8, Jan. 9a, Jan. 9b, Jan. 10, Jan. 11

Weeks THREE & FOUR:  Jan. 13, Jan. 14, Jan. 15

Weeks FIVE & SIX:  Jan. 16, Jan. 17, Jan. 18a, Jan. 18b

Weeks SEVEN & EIGHT:  Jan 19, Jan. 20, Jan. 21, Jan. 22,

Weeks NINE & TEN: Jan. 25

Weeks ELEVEN & TWELVE: Jan. 26, Jan. 27, Jan. 29

Week THIRTEEN: Jan. 31 , Feb. 2

Week 14 & BEYOND: Health 4165, English 4990 (Topic, )

Last Updated: February 17, 2010
Fair Use Disclaimer:
Portions of these materials have been incorporated under the Fair Use Guidelines and are restricted from further use.

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